About Us

Introducing Closure,

A dynamic band that has been rocking stages since its formation in 2002. Founded by Dustin Cowley on drums, Bobby Whitlock on lead guitar and vocals, and Grady Whitlock on rhythm guitar and vocals, Closure has its roots deeply entrenched in the small town of Enterprise, Utah. Growing up together, the trio had the privilege of witnessing their fathers' captivating performances of country music, instilling in them a passion for the craft.

In 2020, Closure welcomed Rich Robbins to the group, bringing his remarkable bass skills and adding a new dimension to their sound. Each member of the band has honed their musical abilities by performing with various local acts over the years, culminating in their convergence as Closure.

Throughout their extensive journey, Closure has graced stages across Utah, Arizona, and Nevada, leaving their mark on enthusiastic audiences. Sharing the spotlight with renowned acts such as Alien Ant Farm, Saliva, Royal Bliss, and Eve 6, Closure has proven their mettle and ability to captivate diverse crowds.

With a repertoire spanning over two decades, Closure has meticulously crafted a robust set-list comprising well-known hits from the realms of rock, pop, southern rock, and country. Their versatility allows them to cater to a wide variety of music lovers, ensuring a memorable experience for all who attend their shows.

Whether you're a fan of infectious rock anthems, heartfelt pop ballads, foot-stomping southern rock tunes, or the soulful melodies of country music, Closure is here to provide an unforgettable performance that will leave you craving more.